Greater Cairo Wastewater Project

Pumping station complex:
Various branch tunnels join the main tunnel conveying sewerage from central Cairo and environs. At the Ameria complex, the sewerage is lifted into a culvert where it flows by gravity to the Khossous screw pump station. At Khossous, the flow is lifted and pumped to Shoubra El-Kheima waste water treatment plant (WWTP) as well as the Khaleeg pumping station. Khaleeg station pumps the sewerage through a culvert to the Gabal El-Asfer WWTP. The Gabal El Asfar WWTP provides secondary treatment and sludge from the treatment process is digested mechanically, dewatered, and transported to a desert storage area. The sludge is then marketed for agriculture.

The project handles an average daily flow of 1.0 million m³/day with provision for an increase to 3.0 million m³/day, by successive stages.

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