Ismailia Desert Road Tunnel

The tunnel is about 1 km long, and is a double carriageway of 3 lanes in each direction. The structural system of the tunnel consists of 5 segments each of 42 m long. The transverse cross-section is a double vent box, each with a width of 17.8 m. The roof slab is 0.9 m thick, resting over two external reinforced concrete walls that are 0.7 m thick and an intermediate reinforced concrete wall of the same thickness. The tunnel is supported by counter forts at the entrance and exits, and the spacing varies between 4.0 and 4.25 meters. The counter fort thickness is 0.4m. The maximum height of the tunnel is 12.9 m. The total length of the counter forts RW is 600 m on each side of the tunnel. Cantilever RW is built next to the counter forts RW with a maximum height of 7.8 m. The base width reaches 5.4 m and 0.7 m thickness and the total length of the cantilever RW is 500 m on each side of the tunnel.
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