Dundori-Ol Kalou-Njabini Road

The government of the Republic of Kenya intends to upgrade Dundori-Ol Kalou-Njabini Road (C69) from gravel to bitumen standards, for a length of 97 km. This project, which began in 2006 and is still ongoing, has been divided into two sections:

Njabini-Ol Kalou Section
This section starts from Njabini Shopping Centre taking a northwesterly direction towards Ol Kalou, which lies on the Nairobi-Nyahururu tarmac road (C77). At Njabini, the road joins a tarmac road (C67). It runs approximately parallel to the Aberdare ranges that are on the eastern side of the road. The road serves an area of high agricultural and dairy farming potential. The existing road pavement was of gravel type with intermittent earth sections. The soils traversing the area were poor for roads, particularly during the rainy seasons.
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