Agoona Junction - Elubo Road Rehabilitation, Ghana

The pavement was surface treated on an unbound base, and was deteriorated with about 3-4 potholes/km and surface roughness of the order of 8m/km IRI. The carriageway is about 6.6 m wide with a 1.7 m gravel shoulder. The horizontal alignment is winding and the vertical alignment is in rolling terrain, which does not meet necessary design standards. Traffic on this section was of the order of 1500-2000 VPD.

Axim Junction-Elubo Section is an 86.7 km section reconstructed to an asphalt concrete finish. Parts of this section, adding up to a total length of 6 km, were constructed on a weak marine and vegetative deposit in a waterlogged environment, which has marred the surface and made the road unsafe to traffic.
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