Agoona Junction - Elubo Road Rehabilitation, Ghana

The Agoona Junction-Elubo Road falls within the western region of Ghana and has direct influence over 23,921 square kilometres and immediate impact on over 1.84 million inhabitants, of whom nearly 27.3% live below the poverty line. The road also serves as an important link to the seaports of Tema and Takoradi. Due to severe deterioration from a variety of sources, this major transportation artery was in dire need of repair. The study was divided in two distinct sections based on the differences in surface type, cross section, and conditions; the sections were the Apimanim Junction-Axim Junction and Axim Junction-Elubo Section.

Apimanim Junction-Axim Junction is 28.4 km in length and was quite old - the last major rehabilitation dated back to 1987.
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