Greater Cairo Metro Line 3

The Greater Cairo Metro Line No. 3 is a new underground double-track line passing through the urban centre of the city. Before the terminal station of Cairo Airport, two stations and about 2.5 km of tracks will be erected at grade. The basic route extends from Cairo Airport (East) to Embaba and Mohandisseen (West) and passes through the downtown area and Heliopolis. In the western side, the Mohandeseen area shall be served through a branch line connected with the main line going to Embaba.

The total length of the line, from Cairo Airport to Embaba, is about 30.6 km, of which nearly 28.1 km is an underground section and the rest of the line (about 2.5 km) shall be on grade. The length of the branch to Mohandisseen is approximately 3.6 km, which will be constructed as an underground section.
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