Aswan Bridge

This impressive cable-stayed bridge is a vital link connecting the Nile Valley and Aswan Governorate to the mega projects in Toshka and the New Valley. The bridge has a main navigation span of 250 m, the largest span across the River Nile in Egypt. The deck is supported by two pylons having a height of 57 m. The cable-stayed part is a prestressed concrete box section with a total width of 22.5 m, supported by a single plane of cables from the middle of the section.

The two side-spans of the bridge are of 75 and 45 m width. The approaches are two prestressed box girders of span-lengths of 40 and 55 m. The overall length of the bridge is 850 m, with an entire project-length amounting to about 5.5 km, including the connecting roads to the eastern and western main highways.
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