EgyptAir Engineering Base 200

The continual growth of travel and tourism in Egypt necessitated the construction of an engineering base for EgyptAir at Cairo International Airport. Built in 199394 at a project value of US$ 50 million, the structure is a two bay hangar of steel of 122.5 m clear span, 85.7 m length, and a vertical clearance height of 26.5 m. It is equipped with 2 cranes of 10 ton capacity each to facilitate the necessary works. The mezzanine level is 1750 m² with sealant doors of 125 m by 21.5 m, and a two-storey concrete annex of a U-shape as well as a service area. The base also has a reinforced concrete pavement tarmac, washing area and RC paved roads.

ACE scope of work:
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